The Mario Kart 7 launch

You'll probably remember that Nintendo Life took the podium at the Mario Kart 7 launch event, but now you can experience that excitement for yourself in the first episode of Nintendo TV, available now in the UK's eShop.

The 3D episode features a very brief report on the game's London launch event — where our own editor James Newton came second, of course — as well as other interesting content. Though, let's face it, you'll only be watching for one thing, so check out 0:23 and 4:11 for 3D footage of our editor beating (almost) everyone in the UK games industry at Mario Kart 7.

If you're not in the UK, or just want to see James in 2D, you can catch a brief glimpse over at Official Nintendo Magazine's website. (Hint: skip to the 33 second mark.)