After today there are just four more Nintendo Downloads left in 2011, so let's see what Nintendo has in store to kick off this final month of the year.

3DS Virtual Console

Adventure Island (Game Boy, Hudson, $3.99) — Master Higgins makes it across the pond four weeks after his European appearance. Read our Adventure Island review to see how the little chap holds up on 3DS.


Double Bloob (Bloober Team, 500pts) — A contender for worst game name on DSiWare — a service that features Mega Words, remember — this is a cartoony shooter played vertically. The game was originally announced for DS way back in 2007, making it nearly as overdue as Bloober Team's own Last Flight. We'll have a review soon.

House, M.D. - Episode 5: Under the Big Top (Legacy Interactive, 800pts) — Legacy closes the book on the House saga with this circus-related story of mystery illnesses and minigames. There'll be a review soon.


Xmas Puzzle (EnjoyUp Games, 500pts) — After Pinocchio's Puzzle comes a festive take on the old jigsaw game. We'll see if it's worth hanging a star on this one in our upcoming review.

How do you rate this week's platter of digital delights?