There's been much discussion about whether or not The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword should have used voice acting; some appreciate the mute characters, others feel a whole chunk of the game's potential atmosphere is missing. Game Informer recently asked Zelda producer Eiji Aonuma and music maestro Koji Kondo about the possibility of voice acting in the future, and their answers may surprise you.

Kondo was matter-of-fact about the idea of a talking Link:

The most important thing about the Zelda series is that the player becomes Link. One of the challenges with full voice is that if we’re trying to convey the player’s emotion through Link, but you hear Link talking in somebody else’s voice, that creates a disconnect between you and the role that you’re taking on.

Aonuma stated that if other characters were voiced and Link remained silent, it would only draw more attention to the mute hero, but has given it some serious thought, saying:

Of course, this was the first time we went with fully orchestrated songs in the game, and we’ve seen what that can do to help bring the world alive and make the game that much more fun. We’re continually looking at ways that we can evolve the series. We’re not confident that we can find the right balance with full voice, so we’ll see.

Where do you sit on the great Zelda voice debate? Would you prefer a totally mute cast or wouldn't you mind if Link was the only silent character? Speak up in the comments below.