A growing success

Japanese firm Media Create has revealed sales data between 5th December and 11th December, with 3DS games and hardware leading the field.

As expected, Monster Hunter 3 G's phenomenal first week sales ensured it took the top spot, but Mario Kart 7 and Super Mario 3D Land also had strong showings to take second and third place respectively. 3D Land has sold nearly 750,000 copies across Japan since 3rd November, a very healthy figure indeed.

There were similarly good results in the hardware chart, too. Nintendo sold a huge 350,321 consoles across Japan; a different number to Enterbrain's figure of 378,114, but still by far the biggest sales success.

In fact, the 3DS sold twice as many units as every other console in the top 10 combined.

Next week's sales will be most interesting though: Sony's PlayStation Vita launches in Japan on 17th December. It might be too early to crack open the celebratory champagne but so far 3DS's first Christmas looks to be going swimmingly.

[source andriasang.com]