The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword might be one of Nintendo's biggest-ever undertakings — just read the Iwata Asks about its mammoth audio visual design teams — but that doesn't mean it includes everything Nintendo wanted to put in.

Series producer Eiji Aonuma spoke to The Guardian about what may happen to ideas that couldn't — or wouldn't — fit into Skyward Sword, with one possibility being the inevitable Zelda Wii U title:

We had many ideas for new abilities in Skyward Sword. Some of them didn't work and so we abandoned them. Some of them, though, we're keeping. Even though we couldn't make them work in this game, we felt they're still good ideas. Maybe we can make them work on the Wii U. It's possible you might see them in another game we make in this series.

Aonuma also wanted to point out once again that the Wii U Zelda demo from E3 2010 isn't necessarily what the finished game will look like, but is "a starting point":

We're definitely excited about the Wii-U and its capabilities as a platform (laughs). Of course I can't really tell you any details about that at this point. However, I should say the demo you saw at E3 is more of a starting point at this time, especially from a graphical standpoint. You should expect many changes, because as I mentioned earlier, our starting point is the gameplay and how we can make it work. It's possible the game will look very different by the time it comes out.

With a new 3DS Zelda and Wii U Zelda both in development, hopefully fans of the Hero of Time won't have too long to wait to see where Link goes next.