This guy was having a great time

If there's one genre that's really exploded in popularity on consoles over the last five years, it's the first-person shooter, the Call of Duty series in particular experiencing phenomenal growth. While these titles thrive on PC, Xbox 360 and PS3, they don't always take advantage of the Wii's qualities, particularly when it comes to controls.

Ubisoft executive Tony Key recently spoke to Gamasutra about Kinect's current core line-up, likening it to past efforts at providing engaging shooters on Wii:

Nobody figured out on the Wii how to actually improve the shooter experience via the Wiimote. That's not to say that that couldn't have happened, but nobody figured it out. Nobody figured out how to make any Call of Duty or Ghost Recon or anything better on the Wii because of the motion control.

Key raises an interesting question: how can motion controls make a first-person shooter better? Will we see motion controls phased out of FPS games on Wii U, or will developers take the Metroid Prime Trilogy template and apply it to future titles?