This game has got balls in it

Following on from Baseball and Golf, the Game Boy sports trend continues with this week's Virtual Console release, while WiiWare gets some futuristic shooting action while DSiWare gets medical problems and minesweeping. The Nintendo Download: always varied.

3DS Virtual Console

Side Pocket (Game Boy, G-Mode, $2.99) — Europe received catboy puzzler Catrap today while North America relaxes with some pool hall hustling action. We'll pocket a review soon.


Horizon Riders (Sabarasa, 800pts) — An on-rails blaster that uses the Balance Board and Wii Zapper, imagine playing Sin & Punishment: Star Successor with a robot and you might be in the right ballpark. We'll see if that's an accurate assumption with our upcoming review.

WiiWare Demo

Horizon Riders — You can try before you buy with a limited demo of Horizon Riders available to download from today.


Simply Minesweeper (Engine Software, 200pts) — Does what it says on the tin: sweep for mines. For further details, refer to our Simply Minesweeper review.

House, M.D. - Episode 3: Skull and Bones (Legacy Interactive, 800pts) — The third downloadable instalment in Legacy's House series, this episode starts with a fraternity hazing gone wrong. Look for our upcoming review strutting around in a toga in the near future.

What will you be picking up this week?