Number of Players
1 (Single Player)
Release Date

Game Boy

  • US Nov 1990
  • EU 1990
  • JP 21st Sep 1990

3DS eShop

  • US 6th Oct 2011, $2.99
  • EU 10th Nov 2011, £2.70
  • JP 7th Sep 2011, ¥400
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  • Review Side Pocket (3DS eShop / GB)

    Dead ball

    The great thing about the Virtual Console is that it allows people to experience games that they somehow missed out on the first go around and encourages discovery of forgotten and overlooked gems. The flip side is that not everything dug up has aged particularly well, like Data East's portable version of once-esteemed billiards game Side...

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Side Pocket News

About The Game

The main objective is to cross different USA cities and reach the predetermined scores to go ahead. But remember: you'll have only 16 balls and every error can be lethal!

The game also comes with modes for 2 players with two variants: 2P Pocket Game (the traditional mode) and 2P 9-Ball Game, where the premise is to sink 9 balls before the other player makes them first. If you prefer, test your target in Trick Game or even hear your favorite song in Jukebox.

After each stage is completed (and with some luck), a bonus stage will appear, as well as the chance to earn extra balls. You will only need a good target in the parquet block!