Just like last week, there's been no press release announcing what's available this week but here's what's appeared in Nintendo's digital shops.

3DS eShop

Pyramids (Enjoy Gaming, €4/£3.60) — You'd think Nintendo would make more of a song and dance about this, only the second third-party release for the 3DS eShop, but hey ho. This intriguing-looking puzzle game allows extra levels to be added by scanning QR codes, a pretty nifty feature. Read our Pyramids interview while you're waiting for our review.


Academy: Checkers (Gamelion, 500pts) — The second in Gamelion's Academy series following Academy: Tic-Tac-Toe, this one is all about checkers, or draughts to our UK readers. We'll have a full review up for you soon.

WiiWare Demo

FAST — Racing League (Shin'en Multimedia, full release 1000pts) — Now you can try Shin'en's stunningly hard and stunning looking racer for free, then read our FAST — Racing League review for the full lowdown.

[source nintendo.co.uk]