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  • 27th Oct 2011, 500 points
  • 20th Oct 2011, 500 points
Academy: Board Games
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Academy: Checkers Screenshot
Academy: Checkers Screenshot
Academy: Checkers Screenshot


  • Review Academy: Checkers (DSiWare)

    A smart move

    Gamelion's proved itself adept in the DSiWare space, creating portable versions of board or pen and paper games — Extreme Hangmen and Academy: Tic-Tac-Toe are examples — and its latest effort is Academy: Checkers. Checkers — or draughts to some of you — is a game most people know how to play already, removing the need for a...

About The Game

The world’s most famous board game for two players is now joining our Academy.

If there's no one around to compete with, there's no need to worry: skilful AI players will gladly play with you in two Checkers variants: English Checkers and International Draughts. And both of those variants are available in three different difficulty modes too! Compete in the League Mode if you want to try your hand at proving you're the Checkers Champ. Collect achievements and you will become a real Checkers Master!

  • Two checkers variants
  • Three difficulty modes
  • League mode
  • Achievements