What will EA do with this?

With a release date way off in the misty distance of 2012, there's not a huge amount of Wii U information to go around at the moment, but EA chief operating officer Peter Moore is confident the mega-publisher will be there with all its big titles.

Speaking to Reuters, Moore revealed he's heading over to Nintendo's Japanese HQ next week to discuss system specs and how EA can support the console, but he also said EA has teams in place working on Wii U right now, saying:

Our key franchises will be there. We’ve made that commitment to Nintendo.

While many of EA's biggest franchises are in the world of sport, it also has plenty of options in other genres: Battlefield, Mass Effect, Need for Speed and more all sit under the EA publishing umbrella.

What EA titles would you hope to see make the leap across to Wii U in 2012 and beyond

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