The finger of hope.

The thought of seeing two of gaming's greatest minds face-off in Professor Layton vs. Phoenix Wright is the reason we get out of bed in the morning, but when it was revealed that Ace Attorney Investigations 2 wouldn't come Westward some were worried that future mental mastery wouldn't make it out of Japan either. Now it seems Phoenix and Layton will both find their way to the English-speaking world in future.

GamesRadar reports being handed an English language press release for the game at the recent Tokyo Games Show — not unusual in itself considering the number of foreign press in attendance, but interesting in a few ways. For one, the game was referred to by its English name Professor Layton vs. Phoenix Wright, rather than its Japanese title Professor VS Gyakuten Saiban, and several character names were marked as "English names TBD [to be defined]".

Level-5 and Capcom are both tight-lipped, neither having confirmed the game's release outside of Japan, but we'll keep you informed on development.