Out for blood.

Monster Hunter 3 G is coming to 3DS, and it's bringing new features, monsters and more along with it.

Aside from the opinion-splitting analogue stick add-on the game will offer a form of lock-on camera control using the touch screen. When a large monster enters the area, tapping the target icon will activate the feature: press L and your view will automatically centre on the beast, or you can turn this feature on to fight with traditional camera controls. Interestingly the touch screen also has a virtual D-Pad on there, which we'd assume would be used for camera controls like the PSP versions, hopefully eliminating the need for hand cramps to see where you're going.

The game will also feature new and returning monsters. The main focus is on Blachydios, the new cover monster, a flightless wyvern whose forearms and nose are covered in an explosive slime. The water-based monster Plesioth returns, along with dragon variants Pink Rathian and Azure Rathalos.

Best of all, Monster Hunter 3 G is down for a Japanese release before the year is out. Capcom's Western wings are yet to make any announcement about releases outside of Japan, but as soon as we hear something, we'll let you know.

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