Going in the wrong direction.

Last week we heard a rumour that Kirby and the Amazing Mirror made up part of the Game Boy Advance section of the 3DS Ambassador program. We marked this as a rumour, and now it seems that rumour may not be true.

Nintendo customer service sent out a follow-up email to Brandon Drumheller, correcting the earlier information that put Kirby and the Amazing Mirror and Super Mario Bros 3: Super Mario Advance 4 in the frame:


We recently sent you an email regarding the Nintendo 3DS Ambassador Program. Please note that our response may have included some incorrect information about which Game Boy Advance games will be available.

The press release from Thursday, July 28th included the correct list of titles to be made available for Nintendo 3DS Ambassadors. Below, is a link to that press release.


We apologize for any confusion.

Back to square one, then.