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Oh, Nintendo. When you created the Wii Remote and wowed us with its universal applications — a tennis racquet! A chopping knife! A fishing rod! — did you have any idea you'd just opened the Pandora's Box of appalling accessories? In the years Wii has been on the market we've seen exercise bikes, lightsaber holsters and more, but one of the most notorious is the inflatable kart from CTA Digital, a company whose slogan might well be "yes, really," and it's now coming to Europe.

Nordic Games is bringing the "Inflatakart" to the unsuspecting children of Europe on 2nd September for the sum of £24.99. That money gets you two inflatable sit-in karts, a pump and, somewhat forebodingly, a puncture repair kit, presumably so 'the fun can go on and on.'

Nordic Games pumps up its peripheral range
Inflatakart racing game accessory is announced for WiiTM

Thursday August 25th 2011: Nordic Games Publishing has today announced it is expanding its peripherals range with the release of the Inflatakart on September 2nd, the perfect accessory to any racing game on Wii™.

Sold alone and as part of great gaming packs, the Inflatakart is a great gaming peripheral for all ages and is available in racing red or blue. The extension of Nordic Games’ peripherals range showcases its dedication to enhancing gaming experiences for gamers.

“It’s a really simple wire-free, battery-free way to make racing games for Wii™ a lot more fun,” said Nik Blower, sales and marketing director at Nordic Games. “We want to keep enhancing the gaming experience for everyone and in addition to our We Sing mic packs and Star Mats, the Inflatakart is just one of the ways we are doing this.”

The Inflatakart was designed exclusively for use with all racing games on Wii™, and is fully compatible with Nordic Games’ forthcoming racing title, Jungle Kartz, with its inflatable design providing a comfortable seat for hours of racing fun. It’s made from durable materials enabling players up to 100Kg to join in, is quick and easy to assemble, and comes with a pump and puncture repair kit included.

The Inflatakart will be available from September 2nd, priced £24.99.