Where will the fitness madness end?!

We all know that exercise bikes are boring; furthermore, they demand an inordinate amount of energy, which ultimately gets you nowhere. As such, it is far better to jump on a real bike, as not only does it move you from A to B it can also be enjoyed with a friend or two.

So when Big Ben Interactive announced the upcoming Cyberbike for Wii, our first reaction was... who would buy such a thing? Well firstly, if you are shy about exercise but miss the great outdoors this is the perfect bike for you - the Cyberbike comes with Cycling Sports, a game that offers eighteen circuits over land, sea (in a submarine) and air (in a plane). Moreover, not only do you get to enjoy the scenery but you also get to do your bit for the environment – well, the virtual environment at least. As according to the gamers at Kotaku:

“You save the planet, cleaning up pollution, by flying your bike over things.”

However, screen shots of the game do not look promising, and are a poor replacement from the tranquil scenes you could discover in the ‘real’ world. Furthermore, this latest peripheral is rather large; coincidently enough, just like a real exercise bike.

Still, the Cyberbike is apparently compatible with Mario Kart. We are yet to see how this will work but all is sure to be revealed with its launch in January next year, which is perfect timing to burn off all those Christmas calories!

[source kotaku.com]