Keeping the dream alive

In the UK, the Retro Computer Museum just moved to a new home, and now the Videogame History Museum over in Silicon Valley needs to raise funds for its own bricks-and-mortar initiative.

The non-profit charity needs to raise $30,000 to build itself a permanent building in which to house its classic coin-ops, consoles and gaming memorabilia. To date, the charity has received $5,825, with 52 days of fund-raising remaining.

If you want to lend a hand, you can donate here with various rewards available depending on the generosity of your donation. Three generous souls have already pledged over $1,000 each, but so far nobody's gone for the $10,000 donation which would earn them a lifetime membership to the museum. Will you be that person?

Digital Press, a video game collectors/preservation society, has started a large fund-raising project to collect pledges and funds to build a physical home for the Videogame History Museum in Silicon Valley. The Videogame History Museum is a 501(c)(3) non-profit charity formed to preserve and archive the history of the videogame industry.

So far over $5000 has been raised of its $30000 goal in just the first six days of the fundraiser. Luminaries such as Mr. Ed Fries and Mr. Michael J. Mika have already pledged their contributions to the cause alongside video game fans and collectors alike.

The Videogame History Museum has many industry veterans and pioneers on its Board of Advisors including Mr. Ralph Baer, Mr. Nolan Bushnell, Mr. Steven Cartwright, Mr. David Crane, Mr. Leonard Herman, Mr. Garry Kitchen, and Mr. Keith Robinson.

The Videogame History Museum routinely takes its "road show" section to the likes of the Classic Gaming Expo in Las Vegas and the Electronic Entertainment Expo in Los Angeles. Most recently it was seen at E3 2011.