"Women are like old-time sinks. They run hot or cold, no in between."

That's just one of the many lines, this one spoken by Mario himself, that might have ended up in the 1993 Super Mario Bros movie had the producers gone with one of four original scripts. It turns out that quite a saga of re-writing occurred to bring us what we have today. We'll just pause for a moment to let you reflect on that.

A cameo by Bruce Willis, a princess named Hildy and more appear in the four pre-production drafts: the original "fantasy" script, the "Ghostbusters-inspired" sci-fi comedy script, the transitional "Die Hard-inspired" sci-fi/action script and the secondary "Max Max-inspired" sci-fi/action script. Contributions from Max Headroom's Rocky Morton & Annabel Jankel and Across the Universe/ Flushed Away's Dick Clement & Ian la Frenais feature, so go take a peek at what might have been.

[source smbmovie.com]