In all the excitement about 3DS price drops and free download games, don't forget your old friend the Nintendo Download. Here's what's available in North America later today.

3DS eShop

Let's Golf! 3D (Gameloft, $6.99) — The eShop's first properly new downloadable game, Gameloft's golfing game features six courses, eight characters and 108 holes in total. We'll take a swing at a review in the coming days.

Wii Virtual Console

Brawl Brothers (Super NES, Jaleco, 800pts) — A decent side-scrolling beat 'em up on a service that's approaching maximum occupancy of that particular genre, tussle with our Brawl Brothers review for an idea of whether this game is worth your points or not.


Burn the Rope (Big Blue Bubble, 1000pts) — The popular iOS game comes to WiiWare with high resolution graphics, Wii Remote motion controls and over 100 levels. Our upcoming review will let you know if it justifies its pretty hefty price tag.


My Australian Farm (BiP Media, 200pts/$1.99) — Strewth mate, a farming game set Down Under! You start with an emu before expanding your farm, hopefully even including a kangaroo to tie down. Expect more incisively employed Australian stereotypes in our future review.

GO Series: Portable Shrine Wars (Gamebridge, 200pts/$1.99) — Carry a shrine on your back, charge past others doing the same and fling your teammates at them to become the best portable shrine carrier there is. Mad we know, but then it's a GO Series game. Our review's coming soon.

Oscar's World Tour (Virtual Playground, 500pts) — A surprise fourth entry in the Oscar platforming series, this sees the little tyke travel the world over seven levels, collecting baby Oscars. We'll dive into a review soon to see if it's — wait for it — Oscar-worthy.

Who's picking up what today, then?