Now everyone's had their fill of the first game in the 3D Classics series, the NES favourite 3D Classics: Excitebike, it's time to kick it into second gear with the next instalment. Elsewhere there's a 3DS VC game and a trio on DSiWare, though WiiWare and the Wii Virtual Console take the week off.

3DS eShop

3D Classics: Xevious (Nintendo, €6/£5.40) — The classic arcade scrolling shooter receives a new lick of 3D paint. Take the Solvalou to the skies and blow up everything you see, in three glorious dimensions. We'll have our verdict for you in the coming week.

3DS Virtual Console

Game & Watch Gallery (£2.60/€3) — A collection of some of the most enjoyable Game & Watch games released, this is worth a dabble if you're into your handheld heritage or just want a good high score challenge. Read all about it in our Game & Watch Gallery review.


AfterZoom (Abylight, DSi: 500pts, eShop: £4.50/€5) — Find microscopic organisms in every day objects using your DSi camera. This game released in North America last week, so we should have a review by the time you can download it to your European console.

Jagged Alliance (Cypronia, DSi: 500pts, eShop: £4.50/€5) — Starting way back in 1994, Jagged Alliance combines strategy and turns-based combat. The game was released on DS in physical format, so we'll see how this downloadable version stacks up.

99Bullets (EnjoyUp, DSi: 500pts, eShop: £4.50/€5) — The shooter where one life is one bullet and one bullet is one life, the aim of the game is still to try not to run out of ammunition or die. Our 99Bullets review tells you more. Much more.

What will you be downloading this week?