Don't get these games wet

During this year's San Diego Comic-Con event, a small booth was spotted showing a trailer for an upcoming video game adaptation of the Gremlins franchise.

Before you get too excited, it appears to be a collection of mini-games that are making their way to the Wii and DS. The trailer for Gremlins Gizmo showed a mixture of mini-games and virtual pet gameplay, with the majority of the footage showing Gizmo performing a variety of activities like weightlifting and engaging in table tennis with the player.

Other Mogwais can be collected too and customised with different outfits, so if you've ever wanted to dress up a Mogwai in a pirate or ninja costume, here's your opportunity. Mini-games based on singing and dancing are also included.

As the name of the game suggests, players should see both Gizmo and the nastier-looking Gremlins, but the footage that was shown at Comic-Con did not depict any of the latter.

Not a lot is known about these releases but what we do know is the North American release date: 18th November. We'll bring you more on Gremlins Gizmo when additional information becomes available. Unless it's after midnight.