Well, are you?

While free video content have started being rolled out to Japanese and European 3DS users, the subscription-based Netflix streaming service has launched on the North American Nintendo eShop, allowing existing Netflix members on the $7.99 price plan and upwards to stream content onto their 3DS consoles.

In Nintendo's press release, an interesting nugget of information can be found regarding whether 3DS users will one day be able to watch 3D movies on their handheld. The short answer is: yes they will.

The new Netflix application for Nintendo 3DS displays movies and TV episodes in 2D on the system’s upper screen. Users will soon have access to an additional library of select movies that can be viewed in 3D without the need for special glasses.

The full press release doesn't mention when the selected 3D movies will become available or any other details, but when they do surface, we'll let you know.