Destination: North America

With the European localisation of Solatorobo: Red the Hunter confirmed with a 1st July release, it's now time for North America to get the official word regarding a localisation for that particular region.

While Nintendo is in charge with marketing and distributing the title in Europe, XSEED Games will be responsible for bringing the Namco Bandai Games and CyberConnect2-developed RPG to North American gamers this Fall.

Set on a series of floating islands called the Shepherd Republic, gamers will follow the every day lives of two different races: anthropomorphic species of cat and dog people and their technology-infused lifestyles. Players take on the role of Red Savarin, a canine-like hunter who sets off on an adventure with his robot companion to discover the truth behind a mysterious artefact.

Head over to the game page on the U.K. Nintendo website for a couple of teaser trailers that show the art style cut-sequences will be presented in, as well as a taste of the RPG's soundtrack.