Long-awaited Virtual Console games are where it's at today, with Wii and 3DS both receiving quality titles just in time for July.

Wii Virtual Console

Final Fantasy III (Super NES, 800pts) — The wait is finally over as another 16-bit Square epic reaches Virtual Console in North America. Check out our Final Fantasy III review to see if this is worth spending your gold on.

3DS Virtual Console

Kirby's Dream Land (Game Boy, $3.99) — The pink puffball returns, except this time he's white owing to the Game Boy's limited palette. Often slated for its easy difficulty, Kirby still holds a special place in many gamers' hearts, so look out for our review in the next few days to see if he stands the test of time.


Boardwalk Ball Toss (DSi: 200pts, eShop: $1.99) — "Remember the fun and excitement of playing carnival games at the Boardwalk?" says the official announcement. If "not really" is your answer, this probably isn't for you, but now you can have all the fun of throwing balls in your pocket wherever you go. We'll throw a review out next week.

The Lost Town: The Dust (DSi: 500pts, eShop: $4.99) — A top-down adventure game from CIRCLE Entertainment, the team behind the pretty decent Castle Conqueror. We'll review this for you next week.

Moto eXtreme (DSi: 800pts, eShop: $7.99) — Published by Chillingo — responsible for a small game you may have heard of called Angry Birds — this looks like a Trials HD-inspired dirt bike affair, which is fine by us. Full review coming next week.

Heart Spades Euchre (DSi: 500pts, eShop: $4.99) — It's a card game from Cosmigo, the publisher behind the surprisingly good 505 Tangram. Hopefully this effort is worth a look, so stay tuned for our review.


Big Town Shoot Out (Performance Designed Products, 500pts) — A rootin', tootin' shootin' game, this is a more cartoony take than the live action Fast Draw Showdown but with four-player modes it could be a blast. Take aim for our review next week.