Coming to two screens near you.

DSi owners might already be familiar with Jason Rohrer's off-beat games, with Primrose and the Jason Rohrer Anthology offering some of the most unique experiences on DSiWare. Publisher Zoo Games just announced the next game from the developer coming to DS later this year: Diamond Trust of London.

Maintaining his reputation for sticking to unexpected inspirations, the game deals with a diamond mining corporation in Angola before current U.N. legislation about 'blood diamonds' came into effect. Players must make sure their mine stays above the competition by cutting illicit deals, bribing officials and committing industrial espionage.

The press release refers to the game being distributed in "an exclusively digital, unique way" but also mentions a "limited edition release", which could mean either a DS or DSiWare release. We've contacted Zoo Games to clarify.

CINCINNATI – May 23, 2011 – Zoo Entertainment, Inc. (NASDAQ CM: ZOOG), a leading developer, publisher and distributor of interactive entertainment software, today announced that its indiePub division has partnered with widely acclaimed independent video game developer Jason Rohrer to release Diamond Trust of London, a clever turn-based strategy game, for Nintendo DS™.

“As a strong supporter of independent game development, we recognize the importance of unique ideas and working with exceptional talent,” said Zoo Entertainment CEO, Mark Seremet. “Jason Rohrer is an exceptional guy and a standout in the indie community. We are collaborating to sell Diamond Trust of London to Jason’s avid fan base in an exclusively digital, unique way.”

"As soon as I talked to Mark Seremet, his genuine enthusiasm won me over,” said Rohrer. “Zoo has rescued Diamond Trust of London from a year-long holding pattern, and I still feel like I'm dreaming. What they are doing with indiePub is great for indie games and unprecedented in the industry."

Diamond Trust of London takes place in a diamond mining company in Angola, prior to the U.N. restrictions on the sale of blood diamonds. To maintain their hold on the country's diamond mines, players must bribe and cut illicit deals, while spying on their competitors.

Development of Diamond Trust of London is scheduled to begin shortly with an anticipated limited edition release this fall.