You know those 3DS Augmented Reality T-shirts? Well, it seems someone (probably the not the only one) has taken things further and given himself an AR "card" that he'll have for the rest of his life.

Going by the name of cranberryzero (CBZ), this gamer has gotten a forearm tattoo based on one of the 3DS AR cards, allowing him to make his Mii character pop out of his limb. Pictures and a video have been posted on I Heart Chaos.

Although CBZ clearly loves his new multi-functional ink job as evident by the number of times he describes it as "f***ing awesome", he admits he may have to return to the tattoo shop and get an outline done to make it easier for the 3DS to recognise, but for now, it seems to work fine in places where there's medium lighting. Head over to I Heart Chaos to see a picture of the tattoo on its own and an awkwardly shot, out-of-focus video of augmented reality in action.