Westward bound?

2011 is a busy year of anniversary celebrations: Sonic the Hedgehog reaches 20 and both Legend of Zelda and Metroid turn 25. While SEGA and Nintendo are sure to have some birthday plans in the works, Square Enix doesn't want you to forget about the 25th anniversary of Dragon Quest, as it's releasing a commemorative pack in its native Japan.

Containing the 8-bit versions of Dragon Quest, Dragon Quest 2 and Dragon Quest 3, the collection also includes the revamped Super Famicom versions, Dragon Quest 1 & 2 and Dragon Quest 3. As with Super Mario All-Stars 25th Anniversary Edition. the games will appear as they did on the original consoles, and can be played with Wii Remote, Classic Controller or the GameCube pad.

The original games were released in the West as Dragon Warrior to avoid copyright conflicts with the DragonQuest tabletop RPG, and to this day the first three adventures haven't seen release on either the American or European Virtual Console. Will we see this 25th anniversary pack leave Japan? We'll keep you updated.

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