If it means we'll see less ad campaigns like this, "thanks" Nintendo

The Nintendo Wii is approaching its fifth year on the market now, enough time has passed in that Nintendo CEO Satoru Iwata can now reflect on how the console has performed and how he wishes its future performance will play out.

Speaking to investors and analysts, Iwata expressed his regrets towards the way the Wii was marketed:

I now regret that we didn't tie up with someone outside the company to market the Wii. If we had done that, the fate of the Wii might have been different... Now I am aware that we should not rely too much on ourselves. You will see what I mean by this when we market the 3DS and the Wii in the future.

Although the Wii is a big-seller as evident by the 86 million consoles sold worldwide, selling hardware clearly isn't Iwata's only priority. Hinting that we'll see more diverse marketing efforts for the 3DS, Wii and the Wii's successor, Iwata implies that Nintendo will open up a bit more when it comes to external influences. Maybe there is something to those rumours of Nintendo trying to recapture the interest of the hardcore demographic.

[source reuters.com, via nintendo.co.jp]