The 3DS Vision Lens

This was an April Fool's joke.

Just in case the 3DS's three-dimensional prowess isn't enough for you, Nintendo has just announced plans to augment its already impressive offering by introducing the new 3DS Vision Lens just in time for the holiday season.

The bizarre-sounding accessory promises to get you in touch with your games like never before, beaming light directly into your eyeballs to experience glimmering treasure and sunny skies with "blinding" visual displays that "completely overtake your eyeballs." The system also promises to cure eye fatigue by utilising the player’s actual tear ducts.

What do you make of Nintendo's first official add-on for the 3DS? Will you be queuing up for one this Christmas, or leaving it on the shelf?


April 1, 2011

Put on the new 3DS VISION LENS™ and prepare for fun!

The release of the Nintendo 3DS™ has brought down the barriers between consumers and 3D content, allowing gamers of all ages and experience levels to enjoy 3D gaming with no glasses. Now Nintendo is ready to announce the next evolution of the Nintendo 3DS with the 3DS VISION LENS™.

The 3DS VISION LENS™ is a next-generation accessory for this truly next-generation handheld console. Just as the 3DS removed the need for glasses, the 3DS VISION LENS™ augments the connection with the player, beaming the console's incredible three-dimensional images into a user's visual cortex.

The peripheral utilises the groundbreaking technology of Nintendo’s innovative 3DS Optical Lenses, clear circular pieces of plastic that the player places directly on the retina. The system takes advantage of a player’s scope of vision like never before, dominating the entire area of sight to present Augmented Reality like never before. You’ll see the glimmering treasures of The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D™, the explosions of Star Fox 64 3D™ and the bright blue yonder of Kid Icarus: Uprising™ in a whole new way as blindingly bright light displays enter and completely overtake your eyeballs.

The system will feature numerous additional benefits such as Optical Fatigue Cancelling, solving the problem of tired eyes by periodically activating the user's tear ducts.

Take a look at 3D in a whole new way when the 3DS VISION LENS™ hits stores this Winter.

This was an April Fool's joke.