Capcom brawler Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition is one of the stand-out titles in the list of 3DS launch games, so much so that Nintendo President Satoru Iwata sat down with Capcom producer Yoshinori Ono to discuss the title's origins and how it takes advantage of the 3DS's features.

Considering the machine's power and 3D screen have attracted most attention in the press, it may surprise some that Ono decided to focus on the console's communication features to get the most from the new title.

As well as the StreetPass modes, the game also includes a spectator mode with voice chat so that viewers can discuss what they're seeing. Outside of that, the game will also feature online play, with Ono hoping to build a large community of pocket pugilists through these communication features:

With so many functions, I believed you’d be able to communicate in a variety of ways through Nintendo 3DS games. And I hope to do it with Street Fighter. I’m willing to try out any number of ways to accomplish that.

Nintendo Europe and Nintendo America will market and distribute Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition in their respective territories, an indication of the faith the company has in Capcom's launch title. Ono showed himself to be as much a fan of Iwata's work as vice-versa, as he asked the Nintendo President to sign a copy of NES title Balloon Fight, on which Iwata was lead programmer.