Famed WiiWare developer Gaijin Games and Robotube Games have worked together in the past – Mr Robotube appears as a cameo character in BIT.TRIP FATE, for example – but the two just got a whole lot closer, as Gaijin announces it has acquired Robotube in an "extremely hostile" takeover.

While this means two fine independent developers are now combined, the downside is that Robotube's WiiWare version of addictive Flash game Bloktonik won't be making it to the service after all. The official word from Jason Cirillo of Robotube goes like this:

We love Nintendo, but we were never able to secure a dev kit from them for a couple of reasons. So, we rely on partners to help us develop our Wii titles. Those are often tricky deals to secure, and there’s a lot that needs to be done, both in terms of labor and finances. Sometimes it doesn’t always work out as we plan, but we do still forge ahead. Making a game for Wii/PS3/XBLA is a lot different than making games for iPhones and iPads. ie: it’s a lot harder.

Now Robotube is a subsidiary of Gaijin Games, we look forward to seeing what the two create in future.

[source gaijingames.com]