Bring the BEAT back

If this first trailer is anything to go by, it appears that Gaijin Games' BIT.TRIP series is coming full circle with the final entry, BIT.TRIP FLUX. Not only is it the final entry in the acclaimed series, but it looks to play exactly like show-starter BEAT. Except, you know, now playing in the opposite direction.

FLUX looks to be taking care of one of the biggest criticisms of BEAT by adding mid-level checkpoints while also throwing in a bunch of more stuff like new beats and power-ups. BitShifter makes a return as the chip guest musician as well.

Gaijin said the game is expected "soon," and we've reached out to see if we can figure out exactly what "soon" means. Until then, be sure to check out NLFM Episode 11 for a taste of the stunning music of FLUX if you haven't already — and even if you have, go on, do it again.

Since CommanderVideo’s final journey is just around the corner, we’ve released the Official BIT.TRIP FLUX Trailer today! BIT.TRIP FLUX will be available soon for the Nintendo WiiWare service.

The BIT.TRIP series comes full-circle with BIT.TRIP FLUX: CommanderVideo’s final adventure.

Grab your Wii Remote and get ready for classic paddle-based gameplay as CommanderVideo returns to the source.

Whether playing in single-player or in two player co-op, you’ll be faced with new challenges that will make even the most experienced BIT.TRIPPERS weep.

Enjoy new challenges presented within the familiar paddle-based gameplay which started the phenomenon called BIT.TRIP.

  • New Power-Ups including the Fullscreen Paddle!
  • New Beat Types including Avoid Blobs!
  • Mid-Level Checkpoints!
  • Classic BIT.TRIP BEAT Gameplay with all the Modes including the new Meta Mode!
  • Bit Shifter Returns as the Chiptune Gueststar!

And now a word from our sponsors...

“BIT.TRIP FLUX is a game that represents the discovery of the beauty of ‘being’. It is less of a challenge and more of a trip. The game encourages players to complete it in one sitting. It wants you to play from start to finish and reflect on the series, your own experiences in life; and once you’ve experienced the ending, where life will take you after your own BIT.TRIP is complete.

In short, BIT.TRIP FLUX is a game for everyone. We hope you enjoy it.”

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