A Japanese retailer has posted some images of what 3DS software boxes look like when opened up and it seems like there's not a hole lot of difference from the regular DS boxes.

Well, there are a couple of differences: the placement of the system logo is now on the right hand side of the cover, and the box itself has numerous holes in it so that less plastic is used in the manufacturing process.

The retailer also notes that the weight of the thinner 3DS game boxes come in at 45 grams, compared to the 53 grams that current DS game boxes weigh. It might not sound like a significant reduction, but that's roughly 15% lighter: considering how much software has been sold for DS, that's a potentially huge saving over the 3DS's lifespan.

Perhaps this is one step closer to getting Greenpeace off Nintendo's back? Either way, it still seems silly to have such a large case for a game cartridge that is so tiny: is it time to get rid of those game manuals?

[source siliconera.com]