You won't find the answer up there

In just 48 hours we will know when the 3DS will be available, how much it'll cost and its launch line-up in full, but for now rumours will have to do. Here's one to take with a small-to-moderately sized pinch of salt: Pro Evolution Soccer will be launching alongside the 3DS in Europe.

Nintendo has several developer interviews lined-up for the press event on Wednesday, among them a roundtable with Konami staff members Mr Enomoto and Mr Hatsumi. A little research reveals they are likely to be Shinji Enomoto and Naoya Hatsumi, both members of Konami's Pro Evolution development team.

It's worth bearing in mind that Pro Evo titles normally launch around September, and that no launch titles have been confirmed for Europe or North America until Nintendo's press events on Wednesday.