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QubicGames, known to DSiWare players for AiRace and AiRace: Tunnel as well as the upcoming Remote Racers, just had a title of a different sort rated by the ESRB: My Little Restaurant: All Welcome.

Already available for iPhone and iPod Touch, the game lets you run your own restaurant, choosing between four restaurant themes (American Diner, Japanese Bar, Ancient Palace and Space Lunchroom) and seating up to 40 guests at a time. It also includes 33 unique levels two extra cooking games (Burgers for the Chef and SushiMaster Challenge).

We've contacted QubicGames to find out if any features will change for the DSiWare version and when we can expect to see My Little Restaurant hit the shop, though the official site states

Sooner than later, I'd say.

Get your forks, knives and styluses ready!


QubicGames has just informed us that they expect My Little Restaurant: All Welcome to release this spring, though they can't confirm an exact date. Additionally, it will include a fifth theme, Picnic Fun, and extra power-ups like super-speed, a jukebox and robots (of course). The company also noted that

MLR for DSiWare will be a little bit different from iPhone version – some minor changes in story, some changes in mini-games, all levels redesigned to DSi screen. The game will also be more action than time-management as you will need to use + control pad A LOT to move between parts of restaurant and it plays fantastic. So it’s now stylus + buttons. We have also put a lot of really bad jokes in tutorials (that’s my favourite part!).

Bad jokes, eh? You can get a feeling for the game's quirky sense of humour in the new screen shots below (particularly this one).

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