With the recent rumour that PES 2011 3D will be a launch title when the 3DS is unleashed across Europe on 25th March, Konami has released some solid details on its upcoming football game, but the date is still up in the air.

What we do know is that PES 2011 3D will be available this Spring and when the time comes, gamers will be able to choose from 60 national and 170 club teams, with the usual league games and tournaments included as usual. Hoping to make the most out of the 3D visuals, the game will feature an active "player" camera that focuses on the player's movement as they work their magic on the pitch, putting gamers in the heart of the action. The depth that the stereoscopic visuals provide will allow players to estimate how far away their team-mates are, further allowing them to gauge how much pace to put in those through balls and lobs.

The realism won't just be applied to the pitch though, as the A.I. has been designed to distinguish which footballers are which with their life-like appearances, but they'll also move and react like their real-life counterparts too. The UEFA Champions League, and Master League will enable players to take part in one of the major football tournaments in the world, and build a team from scratch and enter the squad into domestic and international league games, respectively. However, the press release mentions nothing related to online play, and producer Mr Enomoto confirmed at the roundtable the game would feature no online multiplayer.

PES 2011 3D will include full commentary to enhance the atmosphere, and gamers on two separate 3DS consoles can link up wirelessly and compete with each other. The StreetPass mode will also be utilised, as gamers with stored Master League teams in range with each other will automatically battle it out, with the player in possession of the stronger team declared the winner. Reaching specific targets will also unlock new players and teams which can be used in the main game.

Our man in Amsterdam James Newton played a demonstration version of Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 3D Edition and we'll have his impressions in the coming days.