Still recovering from all the thrills and spills of maintaining a virtual fire in Fireplacing on WiiWare? Well you might be in for a second thrilling instalment of fireplace action, as the ESRB has rated a new title: Cozy Fire.

In this non-stop action adventure you must tend to virtual fireplaces and, in a first on the platform, campfires too. With a massive six different settings, plus all the excitement of adding logs to keep the home fires burning, you're sure to have a thrill a minute with Cozy Fire.

The original listing pegs Wii as the platform, but ESRB doesn't differentiate between Wii retail and WiiWare, so we'd put considerable money on it being a download release. Stay tuned for more exciting Cozy Fire news.

Cozy Fire
Platform: Wii
Rating: Everyone
Content descriptors: No Descriptors

Rating summary:
This is a simulation game in which players tend to virtual campfires and fireplaces. Players can choose from six different settings, and must periodically add logs to keep each fire burning.