It's been way too long of a wait, but one of WiiWare's greatest games has finally managed to cross over to Europe this week. It's accompanied by a handful of titles for the other services, including yet another VC game.


Cave Story (Nicalis, 1000pts) – Does anything really still need to be said about this game? Regarded as one of the greatest indie games of all time, the WiiWare version, which includes many extra features, is now finally available in Europe. To make up for the long wait, the price has also been decreased by 200 Points. You can read what we thought in our Cave Story review.

WiiWare Demos

Cave Story (Nicalis) – In case you still haven't read up enough on the game to make sure whether you want to buy it or not, a demo has been released alongside it.

Virtual Console

Super Bonk (SNES, 900pts) – The fourth game in the Bonk series and the first one to be released on the SNES. It was originally released in Europe as Super B.C. Kid, but we've got another Ninja Gaiden affair going on here: in order to associate it with the rest of the games on VC, we've been given the US version and they've slapped the price up by 100 Points.


1001 Crystal Mazes Collection (Teyon, 500pts) – A Sokoban knockoff, in which you figure out the right way to push around a bunch of crystals around a maze. The concept itself is still as fun as always, but unfortunately the developers seemingly didn't pay much attention to difficulty balancing, as it goes from very easy to very hard without much in between. You can read our thoughts in our 1001 Crystal Mazes Collection review.

GO Series: D-Tank (Gamebridge, 200pts) – The latest in the GO Series, this is an overhead tank shooting game created by Suzak. We'll figure out if it's any good and will have a review soon.

Just Sing! Christmas Vol. 2 (dtp entertainment, 200pts) – The sequel to last year's Just Sing! Christmas Songs, this one offers a slightly different song selection. We'll see if there's anything else different in our review soon.

So, are you still excited about Cave Story? Will you be picking it up?