Last Saturday, on the morning of Christmas Day, Bradley David-McCombs, Jr.,17, was killed when he lost control of his sports utility vehicle on Route 553 in Cherryhill Township, Indiana County, Pennsylvania.

During the public viewing on the following Monday night at the Rairigh Funeral Home in Montgomery Township, Jody Lynn Bennett, 37, of Mentcle, was suspected of taking several personal items from the casket and left the funeral home when confronted.

A Game Boy, Game Boy Light accessory, and three games were supposedly stolen. The aunt of the accused said of her nephew:

... [he] has been into drugs, he's into alcohol. He's just messed up.

The Bennett family are friends with the McCombs and were reportedly stunned by what took place. When they were unable to recover the items, the police were called. Eventually, Jody Lynn Bennett turned himself in to the authorities.