If you've enjoyed Genterprise's G.G Series of low-priced localised Japanese titles, you'll be happy to hear that four more have recently received ratings from the ESRB and thus will be heading to the North American DSiWare Shop soon.

Three of the games have already hit Europe as part of the GO Series: Dark Spirits, D-Tank and Let's Swing!, which has been re-named G.G Series: Horizontal Bar for American audiences.

The fourth is a racing title known as G.G Series: Drift Circuit. You can read our G.G Series: Drift Circuit first impressions as well as our G.G Series: D-Tank review, G.G Series: Dark Spirits review and G.G Series: Horizontal Bar review.

The other G.G Series titles to make it to the U.S. thus far are G.G Series: Ninja Karakuri Den, G.G Series: Super Hero Ogre and G.G Series: Z-ONE. G.G Series: Wonder Land has also previously received an ESRB rating.

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