If you've been paying attention to Nintendo happenings on the internet for the past few years, you might be familiar with a little game called Mission in Snowdriftland, which was only available for about a month at the tail end of 2006.

A conjunction between Nintendo and Extra Toxic, it was basically an advent calendar advertising one Nintendo game or piece of hardware every day from the 1st of December until the 25th. Each of those days was also accompanied by a new available stage, which you could attempt to collect all items on to receive wallpapers and other things for the corresponding game.

The game went offline in January, and just a few months later, Nintendo and Extra Toxic collaborated again to create chick chick BOOM for Easter. That also went offline after a month, but it only very recently was finally revived for WiiWare by tons of bits, which consists of some of the people who worked on the games originally.

Of course, some people wondered where its "predecessor" was, but you can now finally breathe a sigh of relief - Mission in Snowdriftland will, very soon, once again be online, again from the first day of December, and again getting a new level every day.

It looks like it will simply be the same old game available for play a second time, but as so many people missed out on it the first time around, this may just be a good thing. Of course, we just have to wonder if tons of bits will work with Nintendo again, or if they will leave out the game advertising part entirely this time - It would be weird if it still advertised games like Yoshi's Island DS! You can check up on any news on the game's rerelease on tons of bits' official website. Perhaps the game will be released on WiiWare after it runs its course this time?

[source tons-of-bits.com]