Command missiles

Pop Island and follow-up Pop Island: Paperfield are among the best-looking titles on DSiWare, and now developer odenis studio is putting that graphical grunt to a different use in the form of Glory Days - Tactical Defense.

A military-styled take on tower defence, Glory Days sees you building bases, rocket launchers and other weapons to fend off enemy onslaughts. Running at a solid 60fps with up to 300 units on screen at any time, it looks like setting another technical milestone for DSiWare, and you can see the game running in this real-time trailer below.

Olivier Denis from odenis studio tells us the game is finished and has been submitted to Nintendo of America for approval. When asked why the game is so graphically impressive, Denis said:

If the 3D engine is really at this level, it's because we are using the extra power of the Nintendo DSi CPU.

Revel in the graphical and tactical glory below.