The happy couple, united in monkey business

Sure, you all thought that Donkey Kong music video we posted the other day was about as cool as moving images could get, but we've unearthed an absolute gem of a video from the mists of time which beats it hands down - heck, it even features a cameo from the great ape himself.

The story goes like this: developer Gregg Tavares got wind that one of his pals was getting hitched, and in honour of the happy couple's adoration of all things video game-related, decided to cook up the ultimate wedding gift. Namely, an interactive Wario Ware-style selection of games exclusively tailored to the Bride and Groom.

What follows is eight and a half minutes of pure awesomesauce, with a side-order of OMG.

You can read the full story - with detailed explanations of how the segment was programmed - on Gregg's personal blog.

If you want to send your massively belated congratulations to the couple (the video is from 2006 so you've probably missed out on the chance of sending a present) then the groom's Twitter id is DCharlieJP. Be sure to follow him up for cool gaming-related goodness from the Land of the Rising Sun.

And while we're on the subject, be sure to check out our review of the latest instalment in the Kong saga, Donkey Kong Country Returns. It's rather good.