Ready... fight!

Hardened Street Fighter II veterans may remember the days of programmable pads and the arguments that arose from their use in even the most casual of competitions. Essentially these pads let you "record" button inputs, making it easier to perform complex moves with a tap of a single button. Upcoming 3DS scrapper Super Street Fighter IV: 3D Edition will resurrect this feature with a modern twist, letting gamers assign different fighting moves to portions of the touchscreen.

With four segments to customise, gamers can assign special moves, Ultra Combos, throws, Focus Attacks or all three punches or three kicks simultaneously to each quadrant of the screen. Hopefully having to take your fingers from the buttons won't prove too tricky in the middle of battle, although we can already imagine more arguments arising from this feature's inclusion, particularly in multiplayer. Despite the advances made in the game, there are some things you just can't take out of Street Fighter.