Coincidentally, Purple Frenzy is our favourite Quality Street

Have you been keeping count of the Wisp powers unveiled for Sonic Colours so far? We've lost count by now, but we can add one more to that number with this latest trailer unveiling the purple Wisp that grants Sonic the power of frenzy.

It seems the Wisp transforms the hedgehog into some kind of huge-jawed animal, chomping through blocks and badniks whilst growing ever larger. What impact this will have on the level design remains to be seen, but at the very least it should be fun to chew on some badniks for a change.

The trailer also features the blue Wisp transformation that turns Sonic into a massive cube that sends out a shockwave when it smashes into the ground. This impact has the power to change blocks from solid to hollow, opening up new routes along the way.

Sonic Colours is out in Europe on November 12th, with a North American release following on the 16th.