Taking over Japanese table tops

Japanese shoppers are still snapping up Nintendo's portable hardware more than any other range of systems as sales figures for the week ending 17th October shows the various DS models are top of the pile.

Although Sony's PSP sold the most on an individual basis with 37,127 units, a total of 47,101 units of the Nintendo DS and all its variants were shifted during that week. The PS3 was the highest-selling home console with 22,201 systems sold, compared to the 12,810 units that Wii managed to move.

Although the combined DS sales were a slight drop from the previous week where it managed to shift 50,038 units, the mid-October sales figures suggests gamers in the East must be spending a fair bit of time playing Nintendo handheld games. Could the fastest-selling game in Japanese history have anything to do with it?

Pokémon Black & White sold a staggering 2.6 million copies in just two days after launch, and are still going strong almost a month after release. The games shifted 168,541 copies last week, making them the top-selling titles across all platforms. Second spot went to Kirby's Epic Yarn for the Wii, which sold 92,280 in comparison.

Here's the full hardware sales figures for last week:

PSP - 37,127
PS3 - 22,201
DSi LL - 21,084
DSi - 20,749
Wii - 12,810
DS Lite - 5,268
Xbox 360 - 2,342
PS2 - 1,715
PSP Go - 1,590

[source translate.google.co.uk]