4% said the console was too cheap. Fools!

There's just four months until the 3DS lands on Japanese shores, so you'd expect the excitement to be mounting in the Land of the Rising Sun. Two surveys have uncovered intriguing information however, which may not be good news for Nintendo.

The first survey by Macromill polled 1,000 people, with 56% responding to say they didn't know about the 3DS. Just as many people said they had no interest in the console, a worrying statistic considering Nintendo's high-profile announcement at the end of September.

Another survey by GetNews asked about the price, with just over 20% of respondents saying the console was reasonably priced, leaving nearly 80% to state the machine was overpriced.

Of course, we'd all like the 3DS to be cheaper, and there's no information available about who was actually polled: schoolchildren are more likely to find it overpriced than high-earning executives, for example. As with all surveys, take the results with a pinch of salt: Nintendo knows the machine is priced to sell based on fan excitement and critical reception since E3.

[source vg247.com]