Ceci n'est pas un lapin

That lovable white bunny Miffy is about to give us a glimpse into what life's like as an adorable children's character when Miffy's World comes to WiiWare this Friday for 1000 Nintendo Points.

Players control Miffy, of course, undertaking a range of errands including delivering party invitations, building a bird house and more. There's also a number of puzzles to solve, ranging from spot the difference to number and colour riddles. The in-game time synchronises with the Wii's internal clock too, and lets parents set an appropriate "bedtime" at which the game will automatically save and shut down.

We're looking forward to getting our hands on the loveable lagomorph and you can await our verdict in the next week or so.

STOCKHOLM, SWEDEN – 13th October 2010 – PAN Vision Group, a leading independent Nordic publisher and distributor of interactive entertainment based in Stockholm Sweden, in conjunction with Mercis bv, the Amsterdam based licensor and independent Portuguese game developer Biodroid, are pleased to give further details on the gameplay content for Miffy’s World, available for download on WiiWare on Friday 15th October for 1000 Nintendo Points

Miffy’s World is a simulation game world based on the character Miffy authored by Dick Bruna. Using Miffy as the in-game avatar, players must perform quests and puzzles in order to explore the World, score points and gain gifts.

Quests simultaneously promote the exploration of the World, interaction with characters, access to mini-games and are given to the player by NPCs (non player characters). Examples of the quests Miffy must embark on includes ‘The Birthday Party’ where she must undertake a variety of tasks including the delivery of three party invitations to her friends, picking an apple from the apple tree and feeding the chicken in order for it to lay an egg to allow her Aunt Alice to make a pie for the party. In ‘The Bird in the Snow’, Miffy finds a bird in the snow and must help Boris the bear build a bird house for it.

Puzzles each have an interface of their own design according to the gameplay. The puzzles deal with colours, shapes, the naming of objects, etc, and are necessary for the conclusion of quests. Some examples of the puzzles in the game include ‘Ongoing Object’ where Boris the bear is building something using rectangular boards. The player has to choose from a series of images the right object that Boris is building. In ‘Remember the Objects’ three objects are shown for 4-5 seconds on the screen. They fade to the background and a wraparound image appears. The player then has to identify the three objects in the picture.

With an abundance of quests and puzzles for the player to undertake and complete, Miffy’s World is set to stimulate the imagination and entertain a whole new generation of children.


  • Single player or two-player
  • 2D wrap-around circular world comprising the main characters’ houses (Miffy, Poppy, Boris, and more) and other locations including the School and the Playground
  • Game world designed to replicate the aesthetic of the much loved books
  • Game world composed of four Miffy experiences – World, Zoo, Seaside, Mountains – each with their own individual locations
  • In-game time synchronized with the real world via the Wii’s internal clock.
  • Three playable characters – Miffy, Mom and Dad
  • Eight non-playable characters – Poppy, Grunty, Boris, Barbara, Aunt Alice, Melanie, Snuffy and the Teacher