We personally find this little guy hard to resist, but Japan obviously thinks otherwise...

We're absolute suckers for cute animals here at Nintendo Life so the high expectations we hold for Capcom's DS title Okamiden are entirely understandable - it's just a shame that Japan doesn't seem to feel the same way.

First-day sales figures for the Okami sequel suggest that only 10,000 copies have made their way into the sweaty palms of consumers - which is much lower than the PS2 (60,000) and Wii (20,000) prequel managed in the same time frame.

Apparently Capcom had very low expectations for the game, shipping only 20,000 units to retail. Simple mathematics would therefore indicate that they've sold 50% of their initial stock, and while this fact might provide a much-needed positive spin to present to the company's board of directors (Capcom's profit for fiscal year 2010 dropped 73% over the previous year), there's no escaping the fact that we're talking pitiful numbers here - especially when you consider the insane popularity of the DS in its native Japan.

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