One of Capcom's less-notable shooters

Japan receives a mix of RPGs, shooters, mathematics training for youngsters and short quizzes about feudal Japanese history.

Virtual Console

Romancing Saga 3 (800pts, Super Famicom - Square-Enix) – The third in a series of RPGs from one of the RPG masters.

Exed Exes (800pts, Arcade - Capcom) – An early Capcom shooter we cannot say we're great fans of, but it's nice to see Capcom putting out VCA titles.


Arc Style: Robot Rescue (200pts - Arc System Works) – Arc System Works' DSiWare import parade continues; this time it's Teyon's robot Lemmings game. We though it was decent enough, read our Robot Rescue review for more information.

Sokuren Keisen Shōgaku 1 Nensei (200pts - IEEE Institute) – Mathematics training for Grade 1 pupils. Can't start them on that stuff early enough, eh?

3 Minute Tenka Tōitsu (500pts - Gakken Publishing Co.) – A quiz game about Tokugawa Japan - sound exciting?